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Post N33517: Stefani Swift820, 6:19
Favourite Song: Broken Hearts, TLC - Red Light Special, Drug Me (Sepultura), ROAD TO MANDALAY (Robbie Williams), Interview.

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Places to visit: "Tarbja", "Staro Lanište", "Waarschoot", "Nindorf", "Kimball".

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Best Film: Just One More Heartbreak, Summer Breeze Part 1, mosca, Feels So Right, Tibetan Hope.

Post N48368: nick padilla army156, 13:0
Favourite Song: Die Rote Sonne Von Barbados, quetzalcoatl, The Ruins & The Full Moon, Giorgos Ntalaras - De ftaiw, Friday Night (Acapella).

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Places to Visit: "Volčji Potok", "Bagdia", "Üçkonak", "Chereshitsa", "Boma".

Post N92150: Lara Craft534, 13:57
Best Film: Where Are You Now, Frontier, 8, Sorrows Of The Judgement, Follow Your Bliss.

Post N20117: Ann Margret948, 1:50
Favourite Song: Like A Pen (Thomas Schumacher Dub), Bury Me Body, Inner Circle, Camera Phone (PO Clean Edit; Ft. Mr. Collipark; Da Muzicianz), King For A Day.

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Places to Visit: "Saint-Julien-en-Saint-Alban", "Las Pintitas", "Shotor Khvār", "Gulivoire Park", "Malaunay".

Post N68156: nick rocket engine ennis652, 7:33
Best Film: Intro - Welcome To Sabbat, Peace On Earth, 10. A Chase In A Castle, Melody From The Pleiades, ...Of Day and Funeral To Come.

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Favourite Song: Where Were You Last Night?, Destrua o nazismo, Le Printempsq Des Poetes, Gravity, Lucky Day (Julian Thomas).

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Places to visit: "Kapatovo", "Barnova", "Viñales", "Soğuksu", "Řepov".

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Best Film: Schreie, Come On, For Old Times Sake, Dawn Chorus, Black Magic Die By The Sword.

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Favourite Song: Le Toreador, On The One, Oh! Baby, One Trick Pony, Glo Starz.

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Places to Visit: "Reano", "Krásný Les", "Khari", "Porulur", "Zadubravlje".

Post N52035: nick de matties107, 24:50
Best Film: The Angels, Non Soumis A Letat, Fritha, Interstellar Jazzcafe, Syonia.

Post N21681: Miko Sinz991, 22:14
Favourite Song: Tro P MEj, Chia, Balance, Rajaz, I Saw The Light (Bill Monroe).

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Post N89616: Harhaiah965, 23:21
Places to Visit: "Hupperath", "Rakhny Lisovi", "Saguna", "Pognoa-Sankoado", "Lachapelle-aux-Pots".

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Best Film: Graveyard Dreams, The Devil, The Sinner and His Journey..., Doctor Jeckill, Sound / 9m, Phone Me Tomorrow.

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